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Maximize the impact of every text at scale. Use SMS Keywords to send targeted messages to specific audience segments efficiently, create two-way dialogues, gather user insights, and convert them into loyal customers.

Benefits for Your Business

Create an easy and compliant way to opt-in for the list ✅. Maintain engagement with immediate targeted replies. Segment contact list 👥 by tracking signups for different keywords. Make informed decisions 🧠 with insights of customer behavior.

Easy Opt In and Opt Out

SMS keywords streamline the opt-in process, providing customers with a simple method to join your marketing list directly from their mobile phones.

This process is not only user-friendly but also fully compliant with marketing regulations, ensuring that subscribers knowingly consent to receive messages.

An efficient opt-in mechanism through SMS increases the likelihood of building a quality, engaged subscriber base.

Tailor your SMS strategies

Implement automated responses triggered by specific SMS keywords to maintain continuous engagement with customers. Targeted replies ensure the content is relevant to the subscriber's interests, increasing the effectiveness of your messaging strategy.

But we don't stop there. Dive deeper into personalization by allowing signups through diverse SMS keywords. Then, segment your contact list based on distinct customer interests.

Get insights of Customer behavior

By tracking signups through diverse SMS keywords, you can segment your contact list based on customer behaviors.

The data collected from SMS keyword interactions provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Analyzing this information helps to guide decision-making processes, from product development to promotional tactics, ensuring that efforts are aligned with customer desires and trends.

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Introducing SMS Keyword and how to choose one for Your Text Campaigns

Short Message Service (SMS) has become a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience. SMS keywords are an essential part of text message marketing campaigns. In this article, we will discuss the importance of choosing the right SMS keyword and provide insights into setting up and utilizing effective keywords for your marketing campaign.

What is an  SMS keyword message?

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An SMS keyword is a word or phrase that individuals can text to a specific number or short code to opt-in to receive text messages from a business or organization. It is a crucial element in SMS marketing, as it allows customers to subscribe to your sms campaigns or a company's updates and promotions by simply texting a keyword to a designated number.

What are the benefits of using keywords in SMS marketing campaigns?

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The use of keywords offers benefits such as higher open rates, increased engagement, and personalized communication with customers, making it a valuable asset for your marketing efforts.

Keywords in SMS marketing facilitate direct communication with customers, leading to higher engagement rates compared to other marketing channels. They allow for targeted messaging, which can be personalized based on customer responses. This targeted approach often results in higher conversion rates and more effective customer segmentation.

Why is it important to choose the right SMS keyword?

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The choice of an SMS keyword is vital for the success of a sms marketing campaign. A well-selected keyword can make it easier for customers to opt-in into your marketing list,  increase engagement, and boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Keywords make it easy for you to setup an valid opt-in service.

What are the criteria for choosing an effective SMS keyword?

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When selecting an SMS keyword, it should be easy to remember, relevant to your brand or campaign, and unique. Additionally, it's essential to consider opt-in and opt-out keywords to ensure compliance with regulations and provide a positive user experience.

Here are some of our best practices for using  keywords in text marketing:

Create easy-to-remember keywords. Businesses should prioritize creating easy-to-remember  keywords to ensure that customers can easily recall and utilize them when opting in for their services. It's important you connect your keyword to our 2WAY SMS Marketing Platform.

Optimize  keywords for opt-ins and opt-outs. It's essential to optimize keywords for both opt-ins and opt-outs to provide a seamless experience for customers. Using terms like "JOIN" for opt-ins and "STOP" for opt-outs is essential for compliance and customer satisfaction.

Maximize the impact of keywords in mass texting. Mass texting with strategically chosen  keywords can significantly impact your marketing initiatives, fostering direct communication with your audience and driving desired actions.

How to create a text keyword for your SMS campaign?

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Step-by-step guide to setting up an SMS keyword campaign with 2WAY:

Create an keyword or multiple keywords involves selecting a specific keyword, selecting a dedicated textable number, and integrating it into your marketing materials and digital platform such as 2WAY.

Step 1: Sign up for a free demo of 2WAY SMS Marketing Platform here

Step 2: Choose your pricing plan

Step 3: Create an keyword, or keywords with confirmation messages. For example:  

"Text OPT IN to receive a 10% discount code. To OPT OUT send "STOP" or "Learn how to run our tool, text "RUN". To OPT-OUT send "STOP"

Please remember to choose a tag where those keywords should be saved, in this case make it your SMS Marketing List.

Step 4: Advertise a keyword on your website in your SMS messages and other marketing channels!

How do keywords increase customer engagement in marketing?

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Keywords increase engagement by simplifying the process of subscribing to SMS updates, making it more likely that customers will interact with your brand. They provide a direct line of communication for delivering personalized content, offers, and information, which fosters a deeper connection with the audience.

How can businesses use SMS keywords for promotions or free trials?

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Businesses can leverage SMS keywords to promote special offers, discounts, or free trials. For example, a keyword such as "TRIAL" could be used to sign up new customers for a free trial of a service.

This approach is highly effective in attracting new customers and incentivizing them to engage with the brand's products or services.

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