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SMS Popups, Keywords, Coupons and more! All the tools you need to start comprehensive SMS lead generation on your website.
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Turn texting ✨into leads with 2way SMS Newsletter 

Create engaging SMS marketing campaigns with popups and deals that changes passive browsing into active engagement

Customer acquisition is the new currency. Start attracting the right audience with our SMS Newsletter: a toolset of SMS Popups, keywords, and discount codes.

These tools integrate seamlessly into your business, turning casual website browsing visitors into active, engaged customers.

Engage directly with personalized communication, reward initial interactions, and foster memorable connections. This powerful combination not only draws in quality traffic but also converts leads into loyal customers.


What makes texting so special for outreach? ⭐

🚀 It's immediate

Text messages are almost always read, usually seconds after they’re received. They are also more likely to be answered – the language of text messaging is simple and encourages interaction.

🔨 It's simple

Texting is still the most universal, incredibly accessible and intuitive form of messaging. It allows your brand to reach demographics that are not well-versed in technology. SMS is compatible with every mobile phone on the planet.

👓 It's escapes notification blindness

SMS is a way to overcome your recipients’ notification blindness – the tendency to become desensitized to the constant onslaught of notifications. SMS is associated with higher importance, it is more likely to be opened and read.

How can you use 2way SMS Newsletter?

Go ahead and check our eCommerce SMS marketing use-case. Read how 2way SMS marketing solutions can drive sales up! 🔝
READ eCommerce SMS Marketing  USE CASE

Get the job done as you like. With integrations.



Want to build something from scratch? Or plug in 2way SMS to your existing app? Check our API.


Maybe you already using LiveChat? We have seamless integration.


Standalone app

You can use 2way SMS as standalone web app.

SMS open and response rates as high as 98% and 45%

Ensuring your messages are not just delivered 📬 but also read 👁️

Make your 2way SMS Marketing great again! 🎉

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