Stop trying to call
your customers.
Text them.

Easily send, receive and manage your
business text message conversations with
two-way texting tool.


People don't answer your calls anymore?
Well, they could have some good reasons...

They are busy

We often try to get through at the
worst possible time - only 40% of
outbound calls are anwered.

They don't know
who is calling

Most of us don't answer call from
an unknown number.

They are not ready

Conversation mainly requires
immediate response and there's no
comfort to think calmly.

They dont' feel

Nearly 80% of people feel anxious
talking to an unknown person on
the phone.

They don't want
others to hear

That they are talking to the
operator about a new contract
during working hours.

Leverage Business Text Messaging to
Communicate with your Customers

Facilitate maintaining
a relationship

Customers often use text messages. This way of
chatting is natural for them - let them use a platform
of their choice (SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger and more)
to improve their positive experience.


Keep the conversation
going outside of live chat
or phone call

Conversations with customers are typically
interrupted when they log off or close the website.
Especially it is easy to lost the customer during
a mobile interaction. Using text messages you can
keep the conversation on, managing it in the inbox.

Integrate 2way with your
existing tools

2way is already integrated with world's leading chat
platform (LiveChat Inc). But this is just the beginning.
With open and documented API it's possible to plug it
in your ecosystem.


Build stronger relationships
with customers

Your customers would love to put your number in
their phonebook. And use it in the very same way
they use their friends' numbers. Sometimes text,
sometimes call.

Take advantage of the most
trustworthy communication

SMS message is a most common method for identifying
a legitimate user across multiple industries and
channels (including banking of insurance).


Grow your business

Don't lose opportunities. Improving customer
experience means leveraging loyalty and acquiring
new customers what translates into higher profit.

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